The fourth ringing golden bell program of faculty of Accounting - 2016

It took a hard month to prepare a plan; the program attracted more 400 candidates.

Specially, the competition not only attracts the Accounting’s students, but also interests the others from Business Adminitration, Sports Manager, Electric Faculty, etc

It shows that the Accounting Faculty started to make sound to many students at TDT University.

After the stressful elimination round on April 23, 2016, the organization board took top 100 who were excellent to present their faculty in the final round on April 27 2016.

The competition lasted about 3 hours with a stressful atmosphere within the cheers of audiences, it also had difficult quizzes. Besides that, the organization board prepared many funny games and exciting activities for the audiences in hall A.

With the participation of 100 talents, more 300 fans, staffs, and active supporters, the program had a great honor to give a royal welcome to lecturers, represents of the Smart Train Center, and ex-students.

Unfortunately, there were not any students could ring the gold bell. However, the organizers found out the top three students who won the 17th question were:

Student’s Name

Student’s code

Class’ code

Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Uyên



Nguyễn Trọng Hiếu



Phạm Khánh Quân



This program success was based on the companionship and the gold sponsors of Smart Training Center, the support from the school, lecturers and teachers.

On behalf of the organizers, we would like to thank the Smart Train’s sponsor and, especially, the enthusiastic participation and contribution of hundred students in the departments.

The organization board would like to receive the contribution from everyone. We will recognize and draw experience to develop a better playground in the future.

We hope the Golden Bell Ringing Program will be welcomed next season, and it will be an annual useful playground for all students of TDT University.

Have a look at pictures of the fourth Golden Bell Ringing program of the faculty of accountant in 2016”


Top 100 best contestants Scientific Accounting Bell Ringing in 2016RCV 2

100 contestants in the ring


Faculty and alumni participating contestants relief section


Top 3 best contestants of the show


 RCV 5

 Organizing and Collaborators shooting memorial