Faculty of Accounting’s volunteer spring – 2016

Ton Duc Thang University’s Faculty of Accounting’s Volunteer Spring – 2016: The series events of Faculty of Accounting’s Volunteer Spring 2016 Campaign have ended in the joyful and meaningful afternoon of January 30th 2016.

The volunteers assembled quite early for preparation at Phu Dong Primary School, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7. The event included conducting playful activities and giving present for disadvantaged children.

The kids had a good time taking part of the event, received small but heart-warming gifts and celebrated Tet early with the volunteers from the Faculty. It was extremely hot and things to prepared were so many, yet the volunteer were managed to handle them all. The campaign has come to its end, yet the memories, the joy, the feelings of it are unforgetable. It was not a long time, yet the volunteers would definetely remember the feelings of seeing a kid smile as getting his present, the olds at the nursing home they  cleaned, their new friends,… Heart-warming meals, cleaned streets, the joyful games and strong grips,…

All of them had their part in completing the picture of a successful Volunteer Spring. Volunteering is meaningful action, especially for us students, let’s multiply the examples for larger activities in the future. On behalf of the head of the campaign, I would love to give my many thanks to those who have involved in this campaign. Hope you had a beautiful time and see you again in future campaigns.

These are some of the images taken during the campaign:

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Student decorating apricot in the series of events

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The Faculty’s stand in “Spring Market”

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Students volunteering at Nu Cuoi charity center

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 Students holding “Tet for Children” at Tan Thuan Tay Ward

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Volunteer Spring at Can Gio - 2016