The Accounting race 2016

The first program organized by Accounting student associations Union with a large scale, the event attracted 300 students, not only those in the Faculty of Accounting but also other departments such as: Banking, IT, Business Administration, Foreign languages, ..

The preliminary round held on 31.03.2016 selected 50 candidates, the 10 best teams to participate in the competition’s final round. The Final round took place on Sunday 04/03/2016, with the mission to find out the gods keeping the spell that froze the heart of Saigon, and sought to break this curse. The teams went through a total distance of over 60 km, stretching from District 1, 3, 7 and Thu Duc District. Overcoming many trials and hardships, without getting tired, the racing teams played their best. It was not only an intellectual challenge or the wise choices, but also the effort, determination to overcome all obstacles and challenges of the program. From the intellectual game, to challenges that require physical strength, skills, we can see that the teams have got a lot of new experiences as well as solidarity, and communication between teams. And that is also the success of the program. A long race has ended.

Finally the best teams have revealed themselves.

Came out on top was the WHITE TEAM, a team full of young players, always completing all challenges with optimism.

The Runner-up position is shared between two equally good teams: the BLUE TEAM - the girls who laugh in every situation and RED TEAM - the warriors with strong determination who never gave up and also the team that won the Favorite Team title.

The two fourth prizes were awarded to the BROWN TEAM full of experienced and the passionate GREEN TEAM.

Finally the Favorite Team title belonged to RED TEAM.

The program has ended. We cannot know for sure how the teams feel like, but we are sure that no one would forget any moments of this tough race. Keep deep in your heart and feel every footprint, every drop of sweats on the road with the smiles and tears of happiness when you outdid yourselves!

On behalf of the organizing team, we would like to thank the teams for devoting beautiful moments to the program. And we also would like to send apologies to the teams for any errors. The organizing team will reflect and improve in the upcoming program.

Sincerely thanks to "Smart Train Training Center " who was the main sponsor for the program.

Thank you, volunteers, who worked closely with the program and thank everyone for your interest and support for the programs, as well as the teams. We hope to see you at THE 2017 ACCOUNTING RACE.

To the participating teams, please review the program and remember to hashtag #TheAccountingRace so that people can look back at what we did!

Let us take a look at the images captured during the program.

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Start stems

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 Buses decorated with colors of the teams playing


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 Work together to solve the secret message


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 Together to overcome challenges

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Received the confidential letter from the next station1480491 1046543838739290 386753176655620757 n

Together the finish


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The team played with organizers shooting program