Seminar “How to publish paper in ISI/ Scopus – Accounting field”

And Short session “Sharing the QS University Rankings & research”

On the morning of November 28th 2017, at the meeting room, Faculty of Accounting held a seminar on "How to publish paper in ISI / Scopus - Accounting field". The seminar was attended by Dr. Irene, talked about how to publish the article on ISI / Scopus.

Opening the session, Dr. Irene have a few words about the process of preparing the article until its publication. Doctor did not hesitate to say the failed times, was rejected and had to edit, rewrite his post. Funny, opening style of Dr. Irene created a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for the conversation. Dr. Irene went into more detail how to write an article, some Scopus magazine websites, how to prepare the subject, the process of receiving information and feedback with the reviewer, some notes for teachers - Faculty of Accounting in the process before and when writing research papers. Dr. Irene also emphasized some basic errors such as fom, scope of knowledge or language used, etc. and gave some advice to the teachers. “ … be sure everything before send it if you do not want to get rejected”. In addition, Dr. Irene also gave some examples from his writings. The concrete evidence, errord was saved and indicated by Doctor to the teachers to learn some experience in the following article. 

After that, the teachers of Accounting Faculty positively asked Dr. Irene some questions. Dr. Irene enthusiastically answered the problems which teachers asked while gave some solutions and how to solve specific cases and difficulties of teacher.

The conversation took place in an open, enthusiastic and active atmosphere between the teachers and Dr. Irene. That was an opportunity for teachers to learn more from Professor foreigners as well as to expand their knowledge and skills to serve the research work of them in the future.

Finally, Dr. Irene also did not forget to send encouragement to teachers when doing a scientific research: “the process of the research accepted and published is not easy. There will be times when you have difficulty, denied, reduce your confidence, but do not give up because when you reach the end of the road, you will realize the excitement you passed and the glory is in front of your eyes.”

Some photos taken during the seminar:

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Thu Huong, Nguyen Dat EAC