Workshop: The research tool in Accounting

– Guide to use stata software for research

On Nov 27th, 2017 at  the meeting room,  6th floor of Inspire Library, The Accounting Faculty was glad to welcome Dr. Kweh and Dr. Irene come to Ton Duc Thang University to work and exchange information about STATA software, which helps to analyze data in statistics. The purpose of this software is assist teachers in the process of learning, teaching and scientific research.

At the beginning of  the meeting, in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, teachers of Accounting Faculty had a few introductions and expressed the joy of welcoming two guests during working at Ton Duc Thang University. Dr. Kweh anh Dr. Irene also gave thanks to Accounting Faculty in particular and Ton Duc Thang University in general for facilitating the exchange that day and hoped that Ton Duc Thang University could develop further in the future.

Then, Dr.Kweh presented the content of the meeting and introduced the STATA software. He gave a preliminary tutorial about the software and focused on the advantages and some notes on using STATA. Besides, Kweh also offered some related questions and answered some of the teachers' questions about using this new software.

Side by side to the lecture of  Dr. Kweh, Dr. Irene had assisted teachers in opening and using STATA software. Some features, manipulations in the software were presented clearly, specifically, obviously and detailed by Dr.Kweh to help the teachers of Accounting Faculty approach and practice the STATA software easily and effectively.The exchange was very enthusiastical, the teachers of Accounting Faculty actively asked the guests about the problems still needed to be answered. Dr.Kweh and Dr. Irene enthusiastically answered each teacher, basically had solved the difficulties and made using of STATA software more convenient.

With the desire to bring for students the best lectures, to help students interest, easy to understand and easy to apply practical lessions to reality, the teachers of Accounting Faculty always strive to study and improve themselves in order to improve the quality of teaching and their expertise in the present and in the future.

Some pictures in Workshop:

IMG 4447

Dr. Kweh introduce to Stata and why stata should be the tool for data analysis

IMG 4462

Dr. Irene explain the user interface of data

DSC 0328

Dr. My Hạnh introduce herself and ask some questions on Workshop

IMG 4402

Dr. Phan Hoai Vu introduce himself 

DSC 0363

DSC 0315

IMG 4467

The meeting was a great success, and it was a good opportunity for the teachers of Accounting Faculty to learn more about the experience and help them understand more about how to use the STATA software properly. So that they can apply the software most effectively in teaching and researching to achieve the best results.

Trinh Pham - Nguyen Dat EAC