Improving Public Financial Management, Adopting Accrual Accounting and Government Financial Reporting

In the morning of March 29, 2017, The accounting Faculty, Ton Duc Thang University associated with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales  (ICAEW) to held successfully a workshop entitled "Improving Public Financial Management, Adopting Accrual Accounting and Government Financial Reporting ". The attendees are Lecturers from some universities such as University of economic Ho Chi Minh City, Hau Giang Community College, some guests come from auditing companies and State treasury in the south.

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Ms Mai Trang Dang Thi, head of ICAEW ,Việt Nam has a brief introduction about the workshop.

The keynote speaker is Mr. Ross Campbell who is budget director of ICAEW. He delivered two successful presentations at the workshop co-ordinated with the Ministry of Finance in Hanoi, 2016. With many years of experience working in the public finance sector, the topics he dilivered were all about public finance that many countries around the world concern.The first topic he shared in the workshop was accrual accounting and the actual application of accrual accounting to the public domain of countries around the world. The second part of the workshop, which shared the lessons learned from developed countries around the world in strengthening public financial management. All of the attendees in the workshop were interested in the topics and asked more questions to the keynote speaker.


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Mr Ross Campbell is sharing his experience in public finance sector

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The attendees are listening the presentation of keynote speaker

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An attendee gave some questions to the keynote speaker

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Mr Thu Tran Duy, The lecturer of accounting Faculty is having a discussion with all people

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The discussion of other attendee in the workshop

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Ms Suong Nguyen Thi comes from Vietvalue auditing company asked Keynote speaker

some questions

The workshop ended successfully with lots of useful knowledge on public financial management as well as accrual accounting methods to improve management efficiency. On the same occasion, the workshop has created a bridge between the faculty of accounting and educational institutions in general and experts in particular and create a professional learning environment, exchange knowledge in the field of careers, strengthen the relationship sustainability, continuous development between Accounting Faculty of Ton Duc Thang University with educational organizations all over the world.


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 All of attendees take a photo with keynote speaker at the end of the workshop